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Helping patients in getting proper nutrition with our Nutrition Supplements, Accumaxe PL Nutrition SupplementChild Growth - Nutrition Supplement Powder, General Health Nutrition, Glutamine Nutrition Supplement Powder, Health Drinks, Protein Powders, etc. ..

About The Company

In this modern age, when people have access to better healthcare and medical support, it has become easier to maintain good health. However, most of the people do not receive optimum level of nutrition needed for body due to their lack of proper diet intake and preference towards unhealthy snacks and junk food items. To help doctors in giving their patients, right quality of nutritional products, which are health benefiting, we, Resergene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., have entered the marketplace back in 2014.

Since our incorporation, we have been dealing in top quality nutrition products. Our offered L Glutamine Supplement, Nutrition Supplements, Accumaxe PL Nutrition Supplement, Accumaxe Renal LP, Vitamins And Minerals Capsules etc., have brought down the cases of numerous chronic diseases. By doing so, we have become a respected trader in the marketplace. Our enterprise is also recognized in the market for being a reliable Third Party Manufacturer of quality accredited Nutritional Supplements that helps millions of patients across the nation.

Our Mission And Philosophy

The mission of our nationally acclaimed enterprise is to better healthcare of people across the country through the medium of our Nutritional Supplements, Health Drinks, etc. All of our offerings are highly nutritious in value and benefits the health of consumers immensely. The philosophy of our enterprise is to help the Indian population in living a healthy lifestyle and focusing on disease management that provides them long term benefits. We ethically work in business and leaves no scope for errors in execution of business operations.

What Makes Us A Reliable Choice?

  • We always maintain transparency with our clients while trading.
  • We make sure that all of our nutritional products contains necessary production and ingredient related information at the back of the packaging.
  • Ethical business norms and excellent medical quality standards of products. makes us a name to trust.

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